Improve your Data Advantage to Drive Business Value with Performance Management

ProStrategy Colman is launching its 2014 study focused on Performance Management Business Analytics.  Our experience has shown that a majority of organisations are using business analytics for performance management to create a competitive advantage, for example :

  • improve customer interaction
  • optimise supply chains
  • reduce financial risk
  • optimise operational performance
  • streamline reporting, analysis, planning & budgeting
  • disclosure management
  • legislative compliance
  • driving business value and much more in today's data-driven market place.

Are you responsible for generating, managing, using or analysing data within your organisation?

If yes, please take a few minutes to complete this brief SURVEY.  This survey study will help you explore some of the key data capabilities needed to transform today's vast array of data sources and help you to focus on how your organisation and your specific business function is using Performance Management Business Analytics to drive the business processes and how performance management is driving the business value. 


As a thank you for completing this SURVEYwe are offering you a free half day consultation, where one of our Business Analyticss Consultant will personally go through your survey responses

and discuss how Performance Management Business Analytics can improve your Data Advantage and to Drive your Business Value. 

PLUS!  all completed survey responses will be entered into a draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet !  

To help you with this survey, Click link below to see a brief over of  Performance  Management in Action 

IBM Cognos Performance Management Overview   

All Survey replies are treated in strictest confidence and no information will be shared with any third party.  If you have any queries with regards to the Survey, please contact Aileen Aherne @ 1890886675 / [email protected]

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